Gino and Ellen
John “Bambam” Porth

We are happy to announce the newest member of the band, John “Bambam” Porth on drums. He'll be providing drums on Merchants & Mercenaries. Please welcome John to our ranks!

"Bam is a true professional in every sense of the word. This man lives, eats and breathes music. It is impressive to feel the funky syncopated solid pocket he lays down. Bam learned how to read and write music before he knew the correct way to hold sticks. He was taught from the very beginning that while drums are the base of which any groove is formed, it is merely a small part of a larger outcome. He has found his place in music using many different forms of percussive expression. In every instrument he plays, his unique dynamic style shines through. Bam hales from New York City, and found his groove performing at many local jams, learning to “feel” the music. It has always been important to him to be a part of something greater than himself. Through performing with such seasoned professionals, this greatness is shared."

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